Off Grid


I just remember the name

Eric Clapton Unplugged

Just acoustic guitar

No electric noise


And today I read a story

About a holiday

A mum takes her two children

To a Cumbrian hideaway

A totally unplugged holiday

Nothing to distract

From this world and its loveliness

In the Lakelands outback


And how the children love it

Once they’ve been set free

From all that hinders inner life

All spontaneity


And here I am in my wee house

Reliant on TV

And radio that background noise

Too plugged in you see


So taking time to be unplugged

And to make that crucial break

Helps silence sink into my soul

And my spirit to awake


Time to think and time to write

Time to meditate

To let a soothing silence in

Indeed to contemplate


And all unplugged to write a verse

And share what can be shared

The stillness and the loveliness

I didn’t know you cared


Brian Fahy

21 January 2022

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