Rest Easy

How old are you, Michael

The doctor asked my dad

And then he said

Those sweet words of release

I think you’ve done enough, don’t you

My father breathed a sigh

He’d worked so hard all of his life

Now he could have a lie


Down the mines at fourteen years

Then the army call

Then a war of six years toll

That’s no free for all

Then the mine and then ill health

Then odd jobs here and there

Trying to do his bit you know

But struggling for air


And then this day the doctor said

Those words of sweet release

My father couldn’t tell himself

Couldn’t give himself that peace

The doctor’s word confirmed for him

The truth he knew inside

I’ve done my best all I can do

Now to retire with pride


Brian Fahy

23 January 2022


+ Dr Gavin Francis has written a book, Recovery:The Lost Art of Convalescence, about the importance of convalescence in helping us to be well. See the article in today’s Observer by Emma Beddington. It reminded me of the day my father finally retired from a lifetime of work when his doctor, as it were, gave him permission to enjoy his well-earned rest.

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