Say Nowt

Someone said a hurtful thing

I was going to answer back

Defend myself but I didn’t

I cut myself some slack

Hold on and think about it

Why this curt remark

Have I offended someone?

I was in the dark


Maybe they’re just struggling

Expecting to hear from me

And when my side was silence

They had a dig at me

Main thing is I didn’t say

Just apologised

And thought about the wisdom

That the Lord gave to our eyes


Don’t ever say a hurtful word

It only causes pain

And if a word is said to you

Count to ten again

Don’t go throwing oil on flames

Making matters worse

Talk it out just to yourself

Put it in a verse


My father always comes to mind

I never heard him swear

And he a D-Day soldier

And a miner dark down there

Never raised his voice to us

But he’d call a spade a spade

And his voice was fair and gentle

I hope I make his grade


Brian Fahy

20 January 2022


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