On Home Soil


If you’re going to make a statement

An announcement to the world

It’s only right and fitting

That the folks at home be told

They the first to hear the news

Your own your kith and kin

Your neighbours and your townsfolk

Here you should begin


So Jesus came to Nazareth

And on a Sabbath day

He read Isaiah’s word to them

Of the Messiah and his way

And then the bombshell statement

Today it is fulfilled

To total consternation

Though some at least were thrilled


But in the end it proves too much

This just can’t be true

You are just a local lad

We know all there is about you

And so they threaten danger

You’ve really rocked the boat

Get out of here we’re telling you

Or else we’ll have your throat


That quiet day in Nazareth

It stands for every day

And we the listening people

And we must have our say

What do you think of Jesus?

Who do you think he is?

And will you talk to him to day?

That is the only quiz


Brian Fahy

20 January 2022

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