Home Truths

Mark 3:20-21


The family of Jesus come to take charge of him, convinced he is out of his mind.


We love you

But we don’t like you

Don’t like what you’ve become

Don’t like the things you say

The things you do

And now you say new family

New friends are all around

Shall we disown you?

Return to our home ground


So it is with family

We know each other well

Too well sometimes

I wish you’d give me space

We may be brother sister

But I’m not the same as you

You do what you want to do

I’ll run another race


Love of our own family

Comes but with a price

Do not presume to know me

Presumption is a vice

Love me yes and care for me

I’ll do the same for you

But let me go and let me grow

That way we’ll be true


Brian Fahy

21 January 2022

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