He gave his son five shillings

I hate to see you go

An old man in the Blasket

As his son set for the door


Out and for America

The son set off that day

Qualified as a doctor

Away so far away


An old man now returning

To see his home once more

He remembered the advice he got

The day he left that shore


Take care of yourself his father’s word

Always look ahead

And whatever you do or say

Do it well the old man said


His son he clothed in sound advice

And then let him go

Out into the world he went

He would never see him more


Brian Fahy

18 January 2022


+ A video showed me this story of a 91 year old retired doctor returning from America to visit the Blasket Island where he was born. The old man recalls his father’s parting words to him. Great advice for any life – take good care of yourself, always look ahead and consider things, and always do the best you can.

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