Your Smiling Face

We fell in love with Emma

She smiled she played so well

And now out in Australia

Only time will tell

But happily she plays the game

Her smile lights up the sky

Her common sense will see her through

She’ll play and smile and try


While here in quiet Offaly

We gather in the church

To mourn another lovely girl

So cruelly robbed from us

And all the world has gathered round

Their due respects to pay

To a girl just on the cusp of life

So sorely torn away


And Father Meade you said it well

The words you said this day

About the sorrow and the pain

And together we must stay

And from the grave her spirit soars

Her beauty and her grace

And loving people in heaven’s crowd

Will welcome her smiling face


Brian Fahy

18 January 2022


+ Father Michael Meade spoke quietly and beautifully to say words of love and words of life at the funeral mass of Ashling Murphy.

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