The railroad doesn’t run to Bangor Erris

I wish it did and even to Blacksod

But the bus as second best is fair enough

It’s the motor car I can’t be doing with


When I was young I thought it was a wonder

And many ‘s the trip I did around the west

But older now and wiser I feel a different way

Public transport the safest and the best


One time I got to Dublin

To find the trains on strike

So a bus I got to Foxford in Mayo

I found on it great comfort

A calm relaxing view

And my sister Sheila waiting

In her car (I need that too!)


A car for hopping round the town

For local management

That’s okay I can do with that

But motorways are madness

Killers everyday

Take the train and bus to work

And even holiday


Cars they make us selfish

Isolate alone

So many people drive them to their doom

Music on full blast top speed where e’er they go

On the road to hell

And very soon


Brian Fahy

17 January 2022


+ In my youth I saw people doomed to working in factories and mines in order to earn their daily bread. These days I see people doomed to driving long distances to work and back on crowded roads, also trying to earn their living. The factories and the mines are gone. One day I hope motorways will have outlived their usefulness. They are a madness. Or more precisely the number of private vehicles on the roads is madness. We ought to invest in more track for trains and trams, and greatly reduce the need for private vehicles on the roads.

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