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A lady out in Louisburg

Takes a morning swim

And then with other helpers

Collects refuse for the bin

And Carrowmore is cleansed and clean

Not just by every tide

But by thoughtful people on the beach

Who live by local pride


Environment in England

Tells another tale

Polluted rivers chemicals

Soon we’ll be drinking ale

And that’s another problem

We are boozing far too much

Lose yourself in alcohol

That frightening liquid crutch


The mines and mills of Lancashire

I saw them growing up

People condemned to factories

Their lives not up to much

Treat us as so much rubbish

Rubbish you will get

The environment will go to hell

You ain’t seen nothing yet


Brian Fahy

17 January 2022


+ Reading items of news today I read the lovely story of the lady in Louisburg, Mayo, who keeps her local beach clean: the article by John Vidal in the Guardian, about the awful neglect of the environment in the UK, and an article about the increase in alcohol consumption during these months of the pandemic.


Remembering my childhood days in Tyldesley, I thought about how people were made to be servants of machines in the pursuit of profit. To see the environment trashed is very upsetting, and water pollution is frightening. We will poison ourselves. Greed is one factor in all this. Another is the way we treat one another. If we treat people as rubbish by the way we house them and employ them, they will not value themselves, and consequently will not value the world around them.


Brian Fahy.

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