Looking At You

Never again we often say

But it’s a fond wish sadly

The power of evil is very strong

Once in our heart it won’t take long

For things to turn out badly


Peter Tobin same age as me

A long life of disaster

Troubled child is said of him

What does that mean

What happened him?

To make him evil’s master


We read the horrors of his life

The girls attacked and killed

Every step along that road

Takes us further from our abode

Love is replaced by thrill


And women it is who pay the price

Victims of male pride

The Taliban hide them away

In the west we want them to make our day

Time to hear the woman’s side


We need to change we really do

If more are not to die

We need to see the wrong we do

The way that I now look at you

We should see eye to eye


Brian Fahy

16 January 2022

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