Mental Stress

I like to keep an eye out for my son

Make sure he’s all right

Not getting down or glum

Not too anxious worried or depressed

That life does not cause him mental stress

If mental stress can keep away

Then we will have the sunny day

So I like to keep an eye out for my son


My father in the end was all serene

His later years all calm and settled down

But looking back he wasn’t always seen

That way – he had his lowly days

Loss of health brought on the moody blues

No longer the breadwinner couldn’t choose

But he came through and calmness was his gift

To us his children setting out on life


And now I understand the gospel call

So often Jesus tells his friends and all

Do not be afraid his constant word

There is no need to fear haven’t you heard

How little sparrows neither sow nor spin

And yet God cares for all the lilies win

So let us help each other now to see

All will be well I promise faithfully


Brian Fahy

17 January 2022

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