Good mums aren’t all kindness

They are expectation too

They can be like a pressure

When you don’t know what to do


They love you without condition

But there are conditions all the same

They expect you to behave yourself

There are standards to maintain


Before I left the priesthood

I couldn’t talk to mum

It would be just unbearable

Until the deed was done


But once she saw me happy

And everything explained

She couldn’t be more joyful

My freedom now was gained


And Jesus at that wedding

Suddenly found his mum

Giving him the eye and all

They need your help my son


What you looking at me for

The Lord he answered back

But she was having none of it

Ignored his plaintive chat


Do whatever he tells you

She told the stewards there

And Jesus found he’d been volunteered

Water and wine to stir


If it’s not one thing it’s your mother

Peter Kay’s fine line

And sure enough his mother

Made sure they got their wine


Yes mothers always love us

Always watch our back

A nod and wink is all it takes

I’ll have a drink of that


Brian Fahy

15 January 2022

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