The Part You Play

Retiring from work is fine

No longer part of the work force

But retiring from life is not fine

What happens to your life force?


No longer part of this world?

That won’t do at all

We all have our part to play

Until the end of it all


If you back away from the world

What value do you put on yourself?

If you diminish in value

It will be bad for your health


Saint Paul had it right when he said

Though the body may weaken and fail

The spirit grows stronger each day

And that is the way we should sail


Today I am 75

Retired and widowed it’s true

But I’ll sit at this table and type

It’s my contribution for you


My brother put it quite neat

Aspire to inspire so he said

Aspire to inspire before you expire

That’s a posh way of saying you’re dead


My joy is my son and his sons

My treasure the family I love

My sorrow the girl that I lost

My hope to see her above


The pain of our world disconnection

Dissociate means we don’t feel

The joy of our world to associate

To feel what you feel makes us real


Family and friendship foundation

Fellow feeling important to feel

Your own contribution essential

To make this world really real


Brian Fahy

15 January 2022


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