Grandma’s in Heaven


It was Lucas told me

That Margaret was in heaven

I smiled at my son to hear this news

What do we tell our children?

About where old folks go

They have to go somewhere

Has to make sense you know


And I remember

Hearing Michael at the funeral

How he spoke of heaven

And hoped it so

And honestly recorded

How he wasn’t really sure

But if it’s true

Then his mum would be

Telling God what to do


And this is the way God wants it

Heaven is not here below

Here is human freedom

And a journey we must go

And we must learn commitment

Put our faith in good

And hope for ‘ever after’

And learn the power of love


So Lucas and his grandma

Will meet one day for sure

Until they do we journey on

We grow and we endure

And God is a God of the living

Don’t ever that forget

And the day we get to heaven

Hello – have you two met?


Brian Fahy

14 January 2022


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