A Spirited Lass

She once was here

This was her house her home

And I arrived

She’d waited for so long

And now I’m here alone

And she is gone


I thought that we’d grow old together like

I hadn’t planned

I just presumed it so

But life – or death – is what happens

When you are making other plans

And Lennon fell upon a New York pavement

And Margaret to a tumour

Now ten years ago


But her smile still greets me here

With every morning

And her spirit is so strong she won’t allow

For maudlin spirits ruminating sorrow

Life goes on get up

Go with the flow


So tomorrow on my birthday with the boys

Michael and Holly in my favourite haunt

We’ll eat and raise a glass

To a lovely Scottish lass

Now in heaven

The goal of this life’s jaunt


Brian Fahy

14 January 2022

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