A Full House

Granddad came home to his house

To find no place to sit down

All the spaces were taken

(Relations and neighbours from’t street)

My granddad pretended to frown


Well this is a fine how-d’you-do

I think I’ll live in your house

They got up to give him his place

He wasn’t a person to grouse


In fact he was known to bring folk

To sleep in his house for a while

Young lads over from Ireland

He’s met in the pub just his style


And where am I going to put these folk!

My grandma said with a moan

We’ll manage my granddad replied

They did – it was that kind of home


When we’ve got nowt we all share

It’s the least we’re expected to do

But when we go up in the world

Our neighbours are kept out of view


Riches can make us quite greedy

You think it would be t’other way

We need to be near to the needy

Then we won’t look t’other way


Brian Fahy

14 January 2022

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