Body, Mind and Spirit

Mark 2:1-12


We want our bodies to be well

Thank God for the NHS

For doctors nurses scientists as well

And lately we have come to realise

Our minds need looking after

Our mental health needs care

Thank God for pills and counsellors

Thank God for someone there


And so it was that Jesus

Brought his healing touch

To those will crippled bodies

And those who stressed too much

And then one day while teaching

A man came through the roof

And Jesus spoke of sin to him

And gave us living proof


The body and mind we know

Need our loving care

But the really troubled issue

Is the soul it needs fresh air

The air of honest living

The spirit from above

Our soul more than anything

Cries out for the God of love


Brian Fahy

14 January 2022


+ Taking care of body and mind is a duty for us all. Taking care of our soul, our spirit, even more so.

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