Collection Day

Green and brown today

The bins out on the street

Ready for collection

Recycling or landfill

Or compost come to that

All our rubbish

Taken in a cart


One day a box will come for me

Take me to a grave

We all end up as landfill in the end

Though that’s not strictly true

Our spirit is away

It’s just the body that we take

It is no longer you


Soon I will visit Margaret’s grave

Put some flowers there

I don’t go often now

Don’t need to she’s not there

The days of grieving over

The saints in heaven say

Don’t stand there looking sullen

The sun shines bright today


And three things last forever

Never let us down

Faith hope and love

Will bring us to a crown

Your life it isn’t rubbish

To be left out on a street

In life in death we journey on

The Lord is there to meet


Brian Fahy

13 January 2022

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