Be Good

Jesus meets a leper on the road

The man falls to his knees

His life is a heavy load

Cast out of all society

Living on his own

Disfigured in his flesh

He is putrid flesh and bone


Desperate to be well he sees the Lord

The holy man who heals

Here he is abroad

He falls upon his knees

He is full of desperate pleas

Help me Lord

Heal me by your word


No sooner said than done the Lord agrees

And touching him he lifts him from his knees

Go and see the priest and certify

That you are clean

Don’t make a scene

Be on your way

And peace in the by and by


What leprosy afflicts my life today?

What sickness or what sadness

Turns my life astray

The Lord will surely heal me

Of that there is no doubt

It is my own desire to be well

That is what it’s about


Brian Fahy

12 January 2022


+ Today the daughter of Sidney Poitier spoke about her father’s goodness. This, she said, was the greatest characteristic of his life. He was thoroughgoing in his goodness. It is the issue for us all and every day. In the Church we call it holiness. It is thoroughgoing and wholehearted goodness.

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