The Wake of Water

Loch Ness a body of bath water

Steep sided hills around

And water rippling to and fro

And deep deep depths abound

And the monster? It’s a wave you see

A bouncing rippling rogue

Across the surface of the deep

The theory now in vogue


We only see the surface

We cannot know the deep

Down there is dark mysterious

Lonely too and bleak

And people too are mysteries

We rarely see inside

We only know the surface

So much there is to hide


Man sees just the surface

God he sees the heart

He knows the inner struggle

And gently takes our part

Where we see only monsters

The Lord he sees the wave

And comes to our assistance

His presence here to save


Brian Fahy

13 January 2022


+ Public media and discourse reports the surface facts to us, and does not know the underlying issues and struggles that people go through. This makes our public atmosphere harsh to breathe. Jesus is the great teacher of compassion, which upholds justice while at the same time coming to the aid of those who falter.

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