Mind Your Language

We never do wrong these days

We make an ‘error of judgement’

And as for the garden party

That wasn’t wrong

‘But we could have done things differently’


It’s part of the culture now

Since nobody now tells lies

‘We are economical with the truth’

Sounds better in disguise


Rules are never broken

Just ‘not properly followed’

A work event in the garden

Not trowels

But bottles of booze

A gathering on the lawn

A work event?

You choose


‘Things that we did not get right’

Does he mean they did things wrong?

Yes but you never say it

A negative and you’re gone


So kick it into the long grass

Called a public enquiry

Given time it will all die down

And we can carry on quietly


Brian Fahy

12 January 2022


+ Confession has gone out of fashion, not only in the Church but also in public life and public office. Nowadays people never do wrong or tell lies. To admit to anything negative is to lose face or position or even power. Instead people make errors of judgement or could have done better, or differently. Everything must have a positive form of expression. Like the permanent smile, it is totally false and self-serving. But then we should know this. After all, we have all watched Yes, Minister.


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