A Smile

When a baby first smiles back

You know you’ve made connection

The smile you gave so willingly

Is paid back with affection


A girl I know when Margaret died

Told me a powerful thing

Whenever she saw Margaret

It made her smile and sing


My grandson Noah only two

I always catch his eyes

And smile at him I do I do

And he smiles back my prize


That smile tells him I love him

That I always will

And his smile back just fills my heart

It is the greatest thrill


But sometimes on the telly

I see a permanent grin

A person talking through a smile

To me it is a sin


The constant smile is false I say

It tries to buy cheap grace

But the smile that is prompted by our love

Is beauty in our face


Brian Fahy

12 January 2022


+ This poem is prompted by an article in the Guardian about a lady who suffered the loss of her ability to smile because of Bell’s Palsy.

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