Water From The River

I needn’t worry

Everything is here

Water light and warmth

Every day appear

The shop is round the corner

Food in great supply

Whisky if I want it

Here’s mud in your eye


How different from Glencullen

A hundred years ago

When mammy was a little girl

That glen ‘all that I know’

Water came from the river

Light came from the sky

And warmth came from a turf fire

Never allowed to die


Food was in the garden

Vegetables galore

And milk came from the cow

The cow that lived next door

And bread was made upon the hearth

Each day a brand new cake

Her first communion dress from sacking

Her mother had to make


The sowing of potatoes

The saving of the hay

The cutting of the turf sod

The wish for a dry day

All the things they needed

They had themselves to find

It made them resourceful people

Happy bold and kind


Our modern world is easy

Everything at hand

Just to push a button

All at our command

That simpler world I tasted

Won’t ever see again

But I’m grateful for the memory

And for the people of the glen


Brian Fahy

10 January 2022

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