The Crossing


It always was a wonder

Magical for a child

To ride a train in darkness

To enter Wales so wild


To come into a station

Harbour right beside

Everything in darkness

Dark the water wide


Chalk upon our cases

Walk the gangplank high

Come into a world of light

Lounge and bar to try


Steep steps up and down here

Cabins there below

Narrow beds to sleep in

Soon to dreamland go


Sometime in the night time

Engines start to bowl

Backing from the solid pier

Now the waves will roll


Sweeping through the Irish Sea

Ploughing through the night

Till that magic waking time

And a wonder sight


Up on deck and by the rail

Fresh air in our face

And there the hills of Ireland

In their majestic grace


And after breakfast nourishing

Out again to see

The harbour arms that welcome us

Familiar Dun Laoghaire


This for us not going away

This is going home

Back to where we came from

Time and time again


My father loved that yearly trip

To land upon that shore

And in old age he voiced his heart

I’d love to go once more


Anglo-Irish is the game

All my life I’ve played

Perhaps I’ll go again this year

It’s been too long delayed


Brian Fahy

9 January 2022

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