Passing a Milestone


I like the number 75

So we are going to celebrate it

Going to visit Margaret’s grave

Put some flowers there

Then off with us to a lovely pub

Fish and chips lovely grub

A pint of ale all square


My grandsons are great talkers now

We won’t be lost for words

Michael and Holly in the midst of life

House and home boys to school

Extending the premises

Keeping cool

Working morn till night


And my life now?

What I’ve always done

Worked with words

See how they run

Try to preach mediate

Listen to others



Nothing now for me to do

All is found

I’ve seen it through

There just remains

The daily task

That all of us are always asked

Use your gift of mind and heart

To find the words that make us start

To live with simple joy and love

And daily serve the Lord above


Brian Fahy

10 January 2022

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