The Flowers of Drumilra

She’s a wild flower of Drumilra

But she’s also German too

She comes from Philadelphia

Now have you got a clue?

She was a star of the silver screen

Then a princess fair

Beautiful and gracious

Kind and debonair


Visiting ancestral roots

In a townland in Mayo

Enjoying tea and soda bread

A change from Monaco

She bought the place eventually

Plans to build a home

But a stroke and then the car crash

Wrote the last page of the tome


The folk around Drumilra

Gathered wild flowers to send

To grace the chapel for the mass

For Grace for that sad end

How fitting that the flowers

That bloom in Mayo air

Should grace her funeral in the end

Love’s token and love’s care


Brian Fahy

9 January 2022


+ Grace Kelly visited Newport and Drumilra in 1961,1976 and 1979. She visited the old lady in the cottage in 1961 and then again in the McBride Home in Westport in 1976. She then bought the cottage with a view to building a new place there. Grace Kelly died in 1982, having suffered a stroke and then losing control of her car and plunging off the road. She was 52 years of age.

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