King Of Diamonds


I always found him

Sitting in his chair

Newspaper cup of tea

Racing on from Ayr

He never heard me

Coming in the door

Those old ears

Deaf from gunnery

From many years before


But one day

He surprised me

As I drove up in my car

Before the engine was turned off

I saw the door ajar

My father now

Was standing there

Brightness in his eyes

Coalminer’s hand in greeting

Great was my surprise


Welcome King of Diamonds!

The words that greeted me

What in the world’s come over him?

It was a mystery

It was a kind of baptism

Confirmation true

You are my beloved son

I am very proud of you


This moment has always stayed with me

My father on his feet

Opening the door and greeting me

Not usually how we meet

It wasn’t long before he died

Time to let me know

How much he loved and valued me

That day in the long ago


Brian Fahy

9 January 2022

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