My Favour Rests On You

There has to be you

Someone that I talk to

Like Tom Hanks’ Castaway

Even a ball will do


But I am only me

If you are there you see

And you are always there

Just took a long time to realise

You wouldn’t leave me spare


Tonight in church I see

Silent in their pews

Quiet women sitting still

Staring at the wall?

Not at all


They know that you are there

Real presence really care

And so they sit and pray

God bless us here today


Another year begins

And you are now baptised

Confirmed in who you are

Beloved son he cries


And I beloved too

If I did but know

I’ll sit in silence now

Until you tell me so


Brian Fahy

8 January 2022


+ Online tonight I found the church of the Assumption, Collooney, County Sligo, and saw a few women sitting silently looking towards the sanctuary, as they waited for evening mass. They set me thinking.

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