Facing The Mountain

It sits there the mountain

Inviting us to climb

And if you’ve got MND

You haven’t got much time

But Charlie says he’ll do it

He has even planned the day

A sponsored climb for those now sick

And for those who couldn’t stay


Croagh Patrick like a pyramid

Pointed pinnacle

Rising from the Murrisk ground

For saint and cynical

Come up here and see the view

Admire the mountains far

And greet Clare Island in the bay

And Campbells for a jar


And don’t be so defeated

There is something you can do

To meet the end of everything

To say I saw it through

To accept what cannot now be changed

Exchanging fear for peace

This is my life I lived it

And wonders never cease


Brian Fahy

8 January 2022


+ Charlie Bird, a retired RTE journalist, aged 72, has Motor Neurone Disease. He is planning to climb the ‘Reek’, Croagh Patrick on April 2nd 2022, and to raise money for MND and for Pieta, the charity in Ireland for the prevention of suicide.


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