The Former…

He was never mentioned by name

He doesn’t deserve it

A man who uses words so loosely

Fodder for a cannon ball

Does not deserve to hear his name

Has been that’s all


Threw words around just as he pleased

Whatever will serve will do

You’re wonderful people

(They lap it up)

Wonderful people I love you


Get the people on your side

Spin a web of lies

Inaugurate conspiracies

Side order of French fries

Waffle about how great we are

Exaggerate or minimise

Words are there to create your truth

Others to despise


We have had a peaceful year it seems

Escaping from his voice

But America is divided

God help us in the choice

If ever he comes back again

And we hear again his spiel

The world will be the worse for it

America get real


Brian Fahy

6 January 2022

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