Galilee of the Nations!

The people that lived in darkness

That’s us

We live in the land and shadow of death

That’s us

Covid covers us


We have no joy

No light we see

We must assess ourselves

You and me


The Lord began to preach and to heal

All kinds of sickness

Some we have ourselves

Possessed and epileptic paralysed

That is us just about the size


Possessed of foolish notions about ourselves

Unable to control ourselves betimes

And paralysed yes paralysed by fear

And by routine by mind-set so severe


What will heal us now I want to know

New year begins

Old habits still remain

Stand before the Son of man and change

Let his grace enter the soul be brave


I want to be well this day and everyday

And God wants that for you

It is his way

Do not cower do not be afraid

Stand in your human dignity

It’s how you are made


Brian Fahy

7 January 2022

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