The sky was a crimson blaze when I woke up

Not for long indeed too short a time

The old familiar grey

The dank and dismal coverlet of cloud

Came all to quickly

Our almost daily shroud


So it’s good to hear

We might have snow today

Not too much I hope

Enough to stay

A day or two and brighten up the land

Snowy white blue sky

Very grand


Snowy white belongs this time of year

Each season has its speciality

Too long a winter cold and damp and grey

Depresses us in spirit

Nothing more to say


But snow marks out the contours of our world

The roads the trees the rooftops

Garden fence

And birds fly silhouetted to the sky

And folk come out with children

Sledging by


Snow on hills in fields

And out the window

Falling gently silently all night

Covers us in kindness peaceful like

Silent surround still and crunchy bright


If we’re lucky it will quickly melt

And disappear as quickly as it came

If not we’ll have to cope with cruel ice

And maybe slush and floods will be the game


I am not a great lover of the snow

To see it yes and then please kindly go

I was born in ’47 I remember ‘63

A little snow would be enough for me


Brian Fahy

6 January 2022

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