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What is my heart’s desire?

Is it burning still?

Or have I parked desire

Upon some lonely hill


My desire was taken

And locked away somewhere

You won’t be needing that

Now you’re in our care


Church and institution

Locked my heart away

Embers slowly dying

Life is now decay


Leaving priesthood saved me

Margaret my life

Then she died I lost my way

Lost my own dear wife


But in our heart the embers burn

Desire for living still

There is a journey still to make

Destiny to fulfil


The restless heart forever seeks

The way to journey’s end

Our hearts are made for thee O Lord

My saviour and my friend


Brian Fahy

6 January 2022


+ Today, the feast of the Epiphany, Pope Francis gave a sermon of deep wisdom about human desire. Does your desire burn bright in you, or is it parked somewhere in despondency and defeat?

Well worth reading and pondering.

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