My History Paper

When I was born

Two great wars were over

Europe was collapsed to start again

Now began the Cold War

We feared the Russian Bear

Collapse of British Empire

Freedom in the air


Suddenly swinging sixties

Beatles everywhere

Collapse of British industry

Profumo Lionel Blair

World Cup Win at Wembley

Ball never crossed the line

Entering the seventies

Britain in decline


Then came Maggie Thatcher

Close old England down

Little care for losers

Give them half a crown

Fighting for the Falklands

What was that about!

Made no sense to anyone

Something else to shout


Then the surge New Labour

Smiles on every face

Until that business in Iraq

Then we lost our place

Messing in the Middle East

In Afghanistan

Years of sheer attrition

Did we have a plan!


Over in America

Different world out there

Rumsfeld and Cheney

Vengeance everywhere

George Bush give me a break

Trump a worse disaster

Thank God for Barack Obama

Of politics a master


Now we have pandemic

And we suffer on

But at least we have a break now

From fighting wars head on

A chance to sit and think awhile

About our common ties

The best of our humanity

Or Lord of the Flies


Brian Fahy

5 January 2022

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