From Nazareth?

The Son of Man

Has nowhere to lay his head

This the choice he made when leaving home

Farewell to Mary and to Nazareth

Quiet village quiet life

Happy comfort zone


I by contrast

Enjoy a cosy bed

A cosy house and home

A place to call my own

And even now

Widowed and alone

I have my son and grandsons

And a phone


We cannot rely on fortune

For our fate

Good and ill will come our way

Be it soon or late

Many people have no home at all

No relatives or friends

On whom to call


So we must join the Lord

Upon the road

Take some responsibility

Some load

Take up the cross that’s laid on you

Carry it today

And grace will come and grace will grow

To help others on the way


Brian Fahy

5 January 2022

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