The Holy Name

Nobody likes the truth

It’s just too hard

Too hard to hear

Too hard to bear

Too hard


A semblance of the truth

Might be okay

Gives us room

To live another day


When the prosecution gets to work

Our case can look a shipwreck

On the rocks

The things we’ve done

Things we’ve failed to do

Cover us in compromise

Worthy of the stocks


Today young Andrew

In finding the Messiah

Finds a man authorities will fear

They’ll hound him from the synagogue

Bring him into court

And nail him to a tree

Outside the walls


That’s what we do with truth

We crucify it

For fear it will our inner selves reveal

We have not met with mercy

The Messiah’s holy name

Until we do

We are playing the same game


Brian Fahy

4 January 2022

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