Signposts to Life


If my health is good at 75

I need look no further than my mother

She was healthy all her life

Lived to 94

What she had she gave to me

First born of her four


She lived a healthy holy life

Caring for her brood

Working hard and loving us

Her health robust and rude


The way she lived a signpost

This is how to be

Be good be kind be grateful

Stand up and follow me


Today George Alagiah

Was asked for his advice

As he battles with his cancer

What would he share with us?


Ubuntu is the great word

Follow it and see

I am me because you are you

We make humanity


And at the turning of the year

Our spirit to renew

The Baptist points to Jesus

The way the life and true


What do you feed your soul on?

If not the word of God

Our spirit needs its nourishment

Needs its daily food


My parents gave me food and warmth

Encouragement and love

Faith and understanding

Hope in God above


Brian Fahy

3 January 2022

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