Places My Father Saw

Bristol basic training

Then to India

Poona Ahmednagar

North West Frontier

Then the war and Basra

Up to Lebanon

Garden of Gethsemane

Old Jerusalem


Libya and Tobruk

Halfaya Pass

Battle of El Alamein

Then home to wed a lass


Then to Eastry Betteshangar

Waiting for D – Day

Normandy and Caen


Nijmegen and Arnhem

Then the River Maas

With the Yanks in the Ardennes

Sad what came to pass


Finally to Oldenzaal

Soon the war to end

Strange meeting up at Meinstedt

A wicked man no friend


Home at last

Demobbed at York

On the racecourse there

Very fitting for my dad

Who liked a bet

And loved a horse

And now was free from care


Brian Fahy

3 January 2022


+ My father was the man who physically laid a hand on Heinrich Himmler to arrest him and to bring an end to that man’s vicious career as Hitler’s deputy. At the time he was just arresting another German soldier on the loose, but two days later he was informed that the man he stopped was indeed Himmler.


My father’s journey from a little coalmining town in Lancashire into the British Army and then into the war and to a little spot in northern Germany, brought him face to face with a man from Bavaria who rejected his catholic faith in favour of an idolatrous belief in the Fuhrer.

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