Il Portico

Cosy Italian restaurant

Tables close together

Maitre D’ heart-warming man

Come in out of the weather

Outside cold London pavement

Cloudy skies and rain

Inside warm Italian smile

All Mediterranean


My first taste of Italy

In those younger days

Pasta pizza vino

All things to amaze

One day I’d go to Italy

Live there in the sun

Two whole years a Roma

Studying can be fun


That restaurant in London

Still is going strong

A cosy little alcove

Where trains and buses run

It used to be a winner

I hope the same is true

A warm and sunny welcome

Is waiting there for you


Brian Fahy

2 January 2022


+ Now called Il Posto, at 316a Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, Il Portico was a favourite bolt hole of mine in the 1970s. Happy memories deserve to be recorded.

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