Alter Christus

Jesus never condemns

Never puts to shame

He lives amidst our suffering

Is part of the suffering game

He speaks to us quite openly

He waits on our reply

He does not seek to do you down

Is with you when you die


Our lives are sometimes foolish

We struggle every day

I am the truth he says to us

The life and yes the way

Our social world is argument

Seeking whom to blame

The Lord walks to Jerusalem

We can do the same


Temptation toil and trouble

Spells our daily lot

Today will be no different

We feel we are forgot

Come sit awhile and listen

Walk this stretch of road

The yoke I lay on you is light

Easy is my load


Remember those in prison

Remember too the sick

Attend unto the dying

Caress each child and chick

Be the Christ that this world needs

Receive today the grace

And let the world be better now

For the light there in your face


Brian Fahy

2 January 2022

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