Sea Area Forecast

Dogger Fisher German Bight

Sweet sounds to fall asleep

The sea area forecast

Around our island keep


Thames Dover Portland

Keep the Froggies out

Sweep around our blessed isle

Our beautiful redoubt


Fastnet Lundy Irish Sea

The problematic Celt

Sweep between us keep us safe

A maritime black belt


Rockall Malin Hebrides

Highlanders ye ken

We sent them off to Canada

Are they back again?


But now another enemy

Sweeps in from the sea

Coastal erosion robs us of

The place where land should be


The sea that was our safety net

Our refuge from all harm

Is now become an enemy

And one we cannot calm


Better make friends with neighbours then

Foreign policy

When selfish isolation

Falls into the sea


Brian Fahy

1 January 2022

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