The Deal

I watched the film Shadowlands again

It makes me cry because the story’s mine

I was the academic cocooned well from the world

Margaret the lass whose love my heart had stirred


Like Lewis I was slow to realise

How much I needed her be by her side

She read me like Debra Winger in the film

And patiently she waited the turning of the tide


Younger too and suddenly not well

We braved the tests and hospital to tell

A rare disease afflicted her both lungs

A transplant needed or there won’t be long


We made our life together that’s the joy

And shared in Michael our precious precious boy

Too soon I lost her what am I to do?

Alone and lost and illness came

Came depression too

And then a resurrection

I love you, girl, I do


Brian Fahy

30 December 2021


+ In the film Joy Davidman helped C S Lewis to face the truth of her approaching death and not to ignore it. ‘The pain then is part of the happiness now,’ she told him. It is important to learn to embrace all of our life.

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