The Last Day

Last day last word

Obituary day

Faces of those now gone from us

Gone now gone away

Gone and not forgotten

Those we loved the most

But in that old time way of it

Given up the ghost


That’s just a shell

She is not there

I often heard it said

The spirit has departed

A body lies on a bed

The body we will reverence

And lay now in the ground

The spirit is gone we know not where

We hope for heaven bound


The Gospel on this final day

Gives us the words of John

The first words of his Gospel

A word to rely upon

A light that is the light of men

Has shone into this world

And darkness cannot master it

Its power cannot disturb


The first word that God speaks to us

The first word and the last

Jesus of Nazareth

And all that came to pass

The grace and truth we long for

The God we cannot see

Is close to us in Jesus

On this day bend the knee


Brian Fahy

31 December 2021  

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