The only Rogers that I knew was Roy

Now this one comes along

His name is Fred

And he is dead

But they made a film about him I’ve just seen

With Tom Hanks distant cousin on the screen


At first I was wary of that smile

Ultra positive people make me run a mile

There’s a happy in between the light and dark

Most of us inhabit middle ground

Rainy days and sunny intervals


Fred Rogers spoke to children under five

Made them happy made them be alive

Helped them understand when trouble comes

Talk about your feelings that will do the sums


In the film a moment facing death

People fearful nothing then is said

Then Fred utters the word and lets its sound

Fill that room and gently be around


If something is mentionable he says

It is manageable we can talk it through

It’s when we clam up totally

Lock the pain away

It doesn’t leave us

Doesn’t go away


Pauline Collins Shirley Valentine to you

Was a on a train moving south through Crewe

Come on she said unburden your soul to me

Her friend did so and Euston found her free


And Shirley as we know talked to the wall

She got more sense that way

It helped and all

Express your feelings

Let the inside out

Then you’ll feel whole

That’s what it’s all about


Brian Fahy

30 December 2021

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