A Stable

My mother’s home a stable

She didn’t like me to say

The poverty of her childhood

Down Bangor Erris way


Whereas I was born in splendour

An English country house

Adopted as a hospital

While the world played cat and mouse


And Jesus in a stable

Shared my mother’s tale

A lowly place with animals

Shelter from the gale


And growing up in Erris

My mammy’s life was wealth

Food upon the table

Family and good health


That wealth she brought to England

She poured it in our hearts

We were the richest children

From the humblest of starts


Life will happen to us all

Our best laid schemes awry

But love born in a stable

Will help us reach the sky


Brian Fahy

25 December 2021


+ My mammy’s home in Glencullen was a building shared with cows, a wall partitioning the human dwelling from the animals. As a boy growing up I felt immense pride at such humble origins while my mother felt it was something best not told to others. The children born into that humble house went out into the world and made great lives.


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