Wee Donkey

Donkey on the highway

Slows the traffic down

Police arrive to shepherd it

To walk on safer ground


Christmas time reminder

Line of Duty’s call

Jesus Mary Joseph

The wee donkey and all


Donkey by the manger

Cosy in the straw

Donkey in Jerusalem

Palm branches and awe


Donkey in Glencullen

Quiet summer’s morn

Father son and photograph

Happy in the dawn


Donkey with the panniers

Walking to the bog

Turf to bring the fire to sing

Misty morn and fog


Donkey – yes the ass and cart

The Erris side express

Off to Bangor and the mart

Average speed – you guess


Donkey quiet in a field

All the world go by

Easy natured pulling power

I get there by and by


Those who love me love me

Only have to see my face

Those whose ways are cruel

Their treatment a disgrace


Carry heavy loads we do

And children on the sands

Saw the Lord in Bethlehem

Near Herod’s marauding bands


And when his time was drawing near

Carried him again

With loud hurrahs and happy cheer

Prelude to his pain


Donkey donkey on the road

Slowing traffic down

May we learn your gentle ways

And lay our burdens down


Brian Fahy

23 December 2021

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