Power Of Steam

They are going on a steam train

Special treat today

When I was young a child like them

It was our normal way

Steam trains ploughed through Tyldesley

On the Wigan line

Or off to Manchester Exchange

On our holiday time


Steam trains roared through Wigan

Fast to London town

When I went with David

To hunt those ‘namers’ down

Ordered from the station

When express trains came through

We went along the canal bank

To get a better view


And a steam train up to Scotland

The year I went away

Entering religion

In Kinnoull to stay

See the native dwellings

Chris Gaffney said to me

Looking out at haystacks

In this northern territory


And steam trains I remember most

Come the summertime

In the dark to Holyhead

On a ship to climb

Then steam train in the morning

Dun Laoghaire Westland Row

Manulla Junction Ballina

Now not far to go


A steam train too with Margaret

Happy holiday

Boat of Garten Aviemore

Photo of that day

Now my grandsons take a ride

On the Bo’ness line

The joy of simple pleasures

Every every time


Brian Fahy

23 December 2021

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