David lives in Monaco today

A long way from Henry Street and Tyldesley

A long way from cobbled streets and coalmines

Sent me a Christmas hamper he has today


We grew up good pals in junior school

He an only child I one of four

I beat a path regular over the common

Found myself regular at his door


We played at racing cars around the carpet

Silverstone his mother’s nice settee

And later on subbuteo on the table top

He always won he practised more than me


Train spotters for a while on Tyldesley station

Get two ‘namers’ after four o’clock

Saturday mornings off to Wigan station

Spent all day ticking namers’ off


Then I got lost in church I hardly saw him

He made his way got married lovely kids

He’s got great drive started his own business

Travel Counsellors on the clients’ side


When I left the priesthood and got married

David said in his typical way

No brainer Brian come on down and see us

Met at the Reebok watched the Wanderers play


Generous to me these twenty years

At my wedding at the funeral too

I thank him for all the gifts he has given

I only have my words I hope they’ll do


It goes to show a friendship formed in childhood

Has stood the test of time geography

Thank you David Maureen for your kindness

I think of you I know you think of me


Brian Fahy

24 December 2021



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