A Little History

They have shot the Tsar

And all his family

And what came after?

Cruel tyranny

Stalin’s purges communism’s curse

Before was bad

What followed even worse


In France we saw the guillotine

The best the worst of times

Blood lust in the country

Fearful fearful crimes


In Spain a bloody civil war

The fright of Guernica

Rehearsal for a greater blitz

The Nazis and Heil Hitler


In Italy majestic pomp

The Mussolini strut

Dreams of Roman empires

Ended when he’s shot


The horror of Hiroshima

Nagasaki too

Enola Gay is in the air

Ominous bomber crew


In England we had a king

Who put his wives to death

And another claiming rights divine

Suffered shortness of breath


Victoria benighted lass

Too long on the throne

Did not know what to do with grief

Left to fight alone


America and Vietnam

Don’t get me started there

Young men sent to fight a foe

He’s here he’s there he’s where?


Then of course there’s World War One

The war to end all wars

The land the soldiers’ families

Still we bear the scars


And Ireland dear Ireland

A people left to rot

Dispossessed dispirited

Time and time forgot


Then they shot young JFK


Followed by a fashion

A further killing spree


Martin Luther King was killed

Then Bobby Kennedy

Now it’s school kids in their school

And Black folk generally


The causes of our history

And of our life today

The same old story every time

It hasn’t gone away


Human greed and selfishness

I want this for me

The cure to love your neighbour

Christ on Calvary


Brian Fahy

23 December 2021




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