Nature’s Remedy

Early morning mist

Warm air meeting cold

Moisture turns to droplets

So I have been told

Science explains phenomena

Helps us understand

But poetry gives us the soul

Of a winter wonderland


Misty morning blanket

Shrouds the world in sleep

Houses hunkered down

When I take a peep

Clear blue sky appearing

As the sun comes up

Winter world endearing

Breakfast morning cup


Silence all around me

Sweet suburban sleep

No rush now this morning

Somnolence is deep

Traffic on the motorways

Will they slow right down?

Not my worry anymore

But still someone will frown


Mist in early morning

Urges us to slow

The world is gently dawning

Go with that gentle flow

Harness yourself to nature

Let things simply be

Another day beginning

Learn now to be free


Brian Fahy

17 December 2021

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